Three Arrows is Born.


After multiple pregnancies, surgeries, and years of struggling with iron deficiency (to read the whole story click here), I was barely functioning in my life.

As a busy Mom of 3, wife, and woman I couldn’t afford to let my health slow me down.

(There’s no time for Mama to be out of commission!😉)

But, it seemed that no matter what I tried or how many supplements I took, nothing seemed to help.  I felt like I was slowly dying.  Enough was enough! 

There had to be a better way…

On a mission to take back my health, I spent years and hundreds of hours, digging into the scientific research that has emerged about iron.

(fyi, I’m a little fanatical about the research! 🤣)

When I discovered there was a different kind of natural iron that my body would readily absorb -without all the horrible side effects…I was MAD!

Why hadn’t my doctors ever told me about this instead of brushing me off with a suggestion to take cheap synthetic iron?! 

To my surprise, when I went looking for the supplement I needed, it didn’t exist!

Supplement companies were guilty of using cheap ingredients our bodies can’t absorb (when they know there are better alternatives), using synthetic fillers and artificial colors, and compressing it all into cheap tablets that don’t dissolve effectively where they’re needed.

That is NOT OK!

I did my best to use what I’d learned to cobble together the ingredients I needed – it actually started working & my iron levels began improving for the first time in years…but it was an expensive and frustratingly complicated process.

final twist of fate…

Then, as fate would have it, my daughter (who was 12) started having chronic headaches that lasted for weeks, anxiety, and scary episodes of restless leg syndrome.

After requesting important blood tests, I discovered she was severely iron deficient.  I didn’t want to waste time cobbling stuff together –

At the ER to stop a 3 week headache

I needed the best possible iron supplement to help my baby feel better NOW.

That’s when I knew it was time to take all that I had learned about iron supplements and create a real solution!

After all, I believe when you know better… you do better.

There are so many of us struggling with iron deficiency, and if the supplement we need doesn’t exist…then it must be up to me to make sure it does


My first supplement convention. I didn’t know what I was doing…just knew I was on a mission to make a difference!

After a great deal of praying and soul searching, I felt called to do something about it! 

I began interviewing doctors, assembled a team of nutritionists, chemists, and researchers, and we began formulating supplements that contain the best, most bio available ingredients that are designed to really make an positive impact in  my life, my little girl, and ultimately, the lives of other women struggling.


As the vision for Three Arrows began to develop, I knew that if I was going to create products for myself or anyone else, I had to make sure they truly made a positive impact, formulate them with transparency, and deliver them with integrity.

Integrity, Transparency, and Impact are the foundation of everything Three Arrows does.

Nestled deep in the heart of Texas, Three Arrows is now a small team determined to be more than just a supplement company. We want to be a partner on your journey. (Or just that friend with a giant neon sign yelling “YOU GOT THIS!”) 😍

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