Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen Peptides

FAQs about Three Arrows Collagen Peptides

Why do I need collagen? Collagen is the protein that our body relies on to ensure the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints.  It accounts for nearly 75% of the protein in our bodies. Collagen production naturally starts declining in our 20’s, and our modern diets don’t supply adequate collagen to fill the void.  Additionally, factors like rapid weight loss, stress, pregnancy, restrictive diets, hormonal changes, and digestive issues make it nearly impossible for your body to replenish the collagen it needs.  Collagen Peptides provide a potent and highly bioavailable dose of collagen protein for optimum collagen replenishment in the body.

What are collagen peptides? Great question!  Collagen proteins are naturally too long to be effectively absorbed, so we use an advanced enzyme process to hydrolyze (shorten) the long chains of powerful amino acids into smaller peptides. Collagen Peptides are collagen molecules that are small enough to be quickly absorbed and used by the body. This bio-availability is the reason people see improvements in how they look, feel and move after using  Three Arrows Collagen Peptides consistently. 

How do Collagen Peptides work? Collagen Peptides are composed of a powerful amino acid blend – that can only be found in collagen!   These amino acids are the essential building blocks for many of the systems and functions your body relies on daily to restore healthy hair, skin , flexible joints, strong heart, lean muscles, healthy digestive systems and strong bones.  Daily Collagen Peptide supplementation works to keep you looking and feeling healthy.

How do I use Collagen Peptides? So glad you asked!  Collagen Peptides are keto friendly, gluten free, flavorless and easy-to-use.  Just mix 1 scoop of powder into your favorite beverage or food – we love it in coffee, protein shakes, smoothies, tea, oatmeal, salad dressing, or yogurt.  You can even bake with collagen – simply add a scoop to your favorite recipes to pump up the collagen protein power!

How quickly will I see results? Of course that depends on what results you are hoping to see, and individual results may vary.  Collagen goes to work deep within the cells of your body, so it can take some time to see results from the outside.  Therefore, we recommend allowing at lease 90 days for your body to begin showing visible results of collagen supplementation.  (Take our risk free 90 day challenge – you’ll be happy you did!)

What does FODMAP Friendly mean? Three Arrows Collagen Peptides are the only collagen product to have been independently tested and certified FODMAP Friendly; which means that anyone following a low FODMAP diet can consume this product with confidence. FODMAP is an acronym (abbreviation) referring to Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. These are complex names for a collection of molecules found in certain foods, that can be poorly absorbed by people with IBS, IBD, Celiac, gluten sensitivity, or other digestive disorders.

Three Arrows Collagen Peptides FODMAP

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