Best Iron Supplement?

Does it REALLY matter which iron supplement I take? Iron is iron, RIGHT? Today I’m going to reveal 3 secrets about iron supplements & share what makes Iron Repair DIFFERENT than all the old iron supplements you’ve tried. I’m excited to share the secrets about how all the old iron supplements cut corners, use cheap ingredients your body can’t use & how Iron Repair is truly re-invented from the ground up to be a powerful tool in your fight against iron deficiency!

Hepcidin: The Secret Key to Iron Absorption

If you’re dealing with iron deficiency or struggling to raise your iron levels...Did you know your body has a secret iron bodyguard and all the old high dose iron supplements you’re taking actually cause that bodyguard to block iron absorption!? Hepdicin plays a super important role in regulating whether or not you can absorb the iron in your diet or from supplements.

Top 9 Benefits of Collagen

Chances are, you've heard of collagen...but you may be wondering what all the fuss is about? Collagen is the primary structural protein in your body - it's like the ‘glue’ that holds you together. Your hair, skin, gut barrier, bones,  heart, liver, and joints all depend on collagen to be healthy, strong and flexible.  In … Continue reading Top 9 Benefits of Collagen