The Truth About Iron: 3 Secrets About Iron Supplements

Anemia Survivor reveals how traditional iron pills are actually working AGAINST you…and making it nearly impossible to raise your iron levels!

Are You Struggling with low Iron Deficiency or wondering “How do I raise my iron level?”  

Did you know that the Iron supplement you’re taking may actually cause your body to BLOCK iron absorption? Which makes it almost impossible to improve your iron levels and EVER actually start feeling better?

I know that sounds crazy because you’re desperate to feel better!  But I’m going to show you why all those cheap iron supplements you’ve tried aren’t working! (Click Here to learn about the iron supplement I use)

As an anemia survivor myself, I want to share the secrets I discovered about iron supplements that will revolutionize how you think about iron supplements and how you can FIGHT BACK against your iron deficiency! 

The first secret is that There are actually two different kinds of iron.

Traditional iron supplements contain a synthetic form of iron called Non-Heme.   we only absorb an average of about 3% of non-heme iron!!  But why in the world is it so low?

The problem is, absorbing non-heme iron is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – your body can’t absorb iron in this form, so it has to convert non-heme iron into a form you can actually absorb.

Then to make matters worse, everything from coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, greens, grains, antacids, block your ability to absorb the iron in these supplements.  

So then you’re supposed to take the iron on an empty stomach so those things don’t block absorption…but that just makes you feel terrible!  

So you’re probably wondering, if we only absorb 3% on non-heme iron, what happens to the other 97% of the iron that you can’t absorb?

Well…all that unabsorbed iron stays bumping around  in your gut, like an angry party guest that won’t leave, causing oxidation & inflammation.  This is why you feel all the painful side effects like heartburn, cramps, nausea and constipation!

BUT, the other form is call Heme iron, and it  has a 10x better absorption rate!

Our bodies actually prefer heme and absorb it  through a completely different intestinal pathway, so you can take it with or without food!  And since your body can absorb heme in its natural form, without having to convert it,  it doesn’t cause oxidation, inflammation or painful stomach upset. 

The second secret is that Your body has an Iron Bodyguard

and those non heme supplements actually cause that bodyguard to block your ability to absorb iron

So you’re probably thinking, how would taking and iron supplement cause you to not absorb iron?!

Scientists have discovered an iron regulator called Hepcidin, and hepcidin acts like a bodyguard controlling how much iron you  can absorb.

Why is this important?  Remember the oxidation and  inflammation caused by all those  non-heme supplements? 

The inflammation caused by every dose of  non-heme supplements triggers your body to release hepcidin, and hepcidin blocks your ability to absorb iron.

So, Using non heme supplements is like trying to pick a delicate lock with a sledgehammer! 

The more you take, the more hepcidin your body produces, the more you block your ability to absorb iron.

Which means that you’re still going to suffer with all of the horrible side effects those supplements cause, but because you can’t absorb that iron, you’ll continually struggle to raise your iron levels and ever  feel better!!  Clearly that’s a horrible plan, right?!

The third secret is that you need more than just iron to create healthy red blood cells and restore your hemoglobin levels.

You can kinda think of them like the Three Musketeers of Healthy Blood!  They are Iron, B-12, and Folate.

You might be thinking “Great, my supplement already has those in it!” 

The challenge is, supplement companies choose to include forms that are hard, if not impossible for you to absorb, even though they know there are better options – which wastes your money and risks your health! 

Take a look at those other supplement labels, you’ll see B-12 as Cyanocobalamin and Folic Acid  instead of folate.

This is a big deal because, again, we have a square peg in a round hole problem! These cheap ingredients  require your body to convert them into a form you can absorb, but at least 40% of us have a gene variation that prevents us from absorbing those ingredients. (and most of us have no idea we have the variation!)

 And as you know, if you can’t absorb it…you  can’t use it!

If you have endured the miserable side effects of iron supplements or struggled to raise your iron levels…it’s NOT YOUR FAULT…your iron supplement has been working against you!

 The good news is that now there’s a better way to fight back against your iron deficiency!

Iron Repair is scientifically formulated to harness the natural bioavailabilty of heme iron and maximize absorption in a strategic dose that works with your body and  does not trigger Hepcidin production.  

Iron Repair includes the Three Musketeers of healthy blood: heme iron, Folate & B-12 in their most bio-active forms to support healthy hemoglobin.

Iron Repair is delivered in a clean capsule, without all the artificial fillers and synthetic colors other supplement companies use, so you can actually feel good about what you’re putting in your body.

When we were formulating Iron Repair, I refused to compromise  or take the ‘profits over people’ shortcuts that the supplement industry is so guilty of.

I created Iron Repair to restore my own iron levels and now I am so excited to share it with you, so that you have a powerful tool to FIGHT your iron deficiency and take back your life

 It took several years of searching the globe to find the ingredients in Iron Repair.  These exclusive ingredients are hard to find and not always available, so we create Iron Repair in small batches.

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