Three Arrows is Born.

Hello, I’m Krystal…the Founder of Three Arrows. 🙋 Three Arrows began as a result of my personal struggles to find health, and ultimately frustration with the supplements available. 

After multiple pregnancies, surgeries, and years of struggling with nutritional deficiencies (to read the whole story click here), I was barely functioning in my life.

As a busy Mom of 3, wife, and woman I couldn’t afford to let my health slow me down. (There’s no time for Mama to be out of commission!😉) But, it seemed that no matter what I tried or how many supplements I took, nothing seemed to help.  Eventually, I could barely function in my daily life.  Enough was enough! 

Profits Over People.

In desperation, I started looking for real answers.  After digging into research, (fyi, I’m a little fanatical about the research) I was shocked to find how many manufacturers operate with a ‘profits over people’ mentality. They KNOW there are better options, but they choose to source low grade ingredients to maximize profits!  If your body can’t effectively use the supplements you take, it wastes your hard earned money and risks your health…that is not ok!

I also found that many of these problems are commonplace in this industry:

  • Product design based on junk science, nutritional fads and get rich quick schemes
  • Adulterating raw materials to the point that there’s more filler than active ingredients
  • Inadequate testing protocols that fail to catch contaminants or label discrepancies
  • Suppliers that substitute lower quality raw materials when they think no one is looking
  • Widespread lack of transparency about ingredients and sourcing

Unconscionable, right? I think so, too. The more I learned about how other companies in this space do business, the angrier I became. 


My first supplement convention. I didn’t have a company yet, just knew I was on a mission to make a difference!

After a great deal of praying and soul searching, I felt called to do something about it!  I began interviewing doctors, hired a team of nutritionists, chemists, and researchers, and we began formulating supplements that contain the best, most bio available ingredients that are designed to really make an positive impact in  my life (and ultimately, the lives of other women struggling).


As the vision for Three Arrows began to develop, I knew that if I was going to create products for myself or anyone else, I had to make sure they truly made a positive impact, formulate them with transparency, and deliver them with integrity. Integrity, Transparency, and Impact are the foundation of everything Three Arrows does.

Nestled deep in the heart of Texas, Three Arrows is now a small team determined to be more than just a supplement company. We want to be a partner on your journey. (Or just that friend with a giant neon sign yelling “YOU GOT THIS!”) 😍

Welcome to the Three Arrows Tribe!

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